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Anti-Ageing Therapy

Gold Rejuvenation Ampoule

Why do we age?

Every day mature cells of our body which have outlived their term die. But their place is always taken by new, young cells and the life goes on. It is because of this cell renewal process that we remain young. Stem cells provide us with these new cells. Unfortunately, the life of stem cells is alsoshort. With age, the number of stem cells goes on decreasing.. As a result of this, the dying cells are not replaced by younger cellular resources, but are replaced by connective tissue. Connective tissues  tightens & deforms the skin with the formation of wrinkles, it disrupts the overall work of all organs & systems as a result of which  we age.

Thus, the cause of aging is decrease in the number of stem cells along the increasing age, with which interrupts the process of physiological regeneration (renewal) of the cells and, consequently, leads to the appearance of the external signs of aging and the development of so-called “old age diseases”. There is also a background condition of aging which is a violation of the regulation process of dividing stem cells with growth factors. With age, the production of growth factors is also disturbed. As a result, even the surviving stem cells do not divide since they do not receive the necessary regulatory background signal.

THE GOLDEN AMPOULE rejuvenation program of EmProCell involves eliminating of both, the causes and the conditions of aging.

Regional stem cells are found today in virtually all organs and tissues. Their function is a renewal of cells of the organ or tissue where they are located. It is proved that with age their numbers progressively decreases. Consequently, to achieve an anti-aging effect their number should be increased. This can be done by transplanting fetal stem cells.