Cells for New life

Anti-Ageing Therapy


Main effects observed in patients after fetal stem cell transplantation encompass all levels of organization and functioning of human body, and are arranged in a systemic way. We distinguished the following major curative effects of fetal stem cell transplantation: 

1. Rapid and substantial improvement of mental and physical activities of patients, stabilization and improvement of mood, positive psycho physiological changes, particularly in such areas as attention, memory, and thinking.

2. Restoration of suppressed hematopoiesis (normalization of erythrocyte, leukocyte, lymphocyte, and thrombocyte counts).
3. Restoration of the immune system competence depending on what is beneficial for the patient in his/her current condition, or stage of the disease.

4. Stimulation of tropic functions in tissues and organs, improvement in cases of deteriorated tissues, impaired functions, processes of aging, and a very vivid effect of "functional rejuvenation".

5. Normalization of homeostasis (maintenance of the constant internal environment, in particular glycemia, lipidemia, creatinemia, mineral and water metabolism, blood pressure, improvement of blood circulation, etc.).

Based on the case, fetal stem cells and tissue extracts are given to patient. According to co morbid diseases in patient’s combination therapy comprising various types of stem cells are given, example is mentioned below:
Each type of stem cells and tissue extracts has its own properties :


- Fetal placenta tissue extract contains growth factors, which stimulates the injected stem cells acts on the injected stem cells for its activation and differentiation in the damaged tissue in the body.
- Transplantation of fetal neural stem cells produced growth factors which acts on retina cells and restores the same (stop progression of diabetic retinopathy).
- Fetal hematopoietic stem cells increases angiogenesis & vasculogenesis – process of new micro vessels and collaterals heart vessels development. To improve liver function, prevention of diabetic micro and macro angiopathy.