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Stem cell research, the world over, is perpetually caught in the intricate web of an apparent conflict. The promise of improved quality of human life has to constantly grapple with the intertwined question of safety, morality and ethics. It’s a chain of cascading effect actually. Read more

Happy to have been proved wrong

Iona Roderizes- Teacher, Goa

Chronic pain had become my daily companion by the time I learnt about stem cell procedures. Hence, I hardly expected any reversal of fortunes. But I am happy to have been proved wrong. Almost 85 per cent of my arthritis has been eliminated and the migraine is gone for good. Read more

A nasty fall at work

Ishan Thakur- Retired Government Employee, Gujarat

A nasty fall at work had left me with a spinal injury resulting in partial functional loss in the mid-chest region. After the stem cell transplant, I saw steady improvement in my muscle and motor motion, skin sensation and bladder control in as little time as three months. Read more

Genetic and immune disorders

Dr. Hemant Malhotra- General Physician, New Delhi

In certain genetic and immune disorders, stem cell treatment is the only hope for patients worldwide. We are committed to enable as many patients as possible, to improve the quality of their life by correction and restoration, to the extent possible Read more