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Our Laboratory

Preliminary Anatomical Material Processing Laboratory corresponds to preliminary processing and emergency microbiological control of anatomical material contamination on the origin of express-analysis for the presence of endotoxin, that precautions the possibility of carrying contaminated sources of progenitor cells into clean zone.

Biotechnological laboratory, classified by clean class B with clean class A in the laminar airflow cabinet created and equipped essential instruments for isolation from different types of progenitor cells for regenerative medicine.


Ultramodern CryoBank equipped with new instruments of leading Firm-producer, which allows performing programed freezing different types of cells suspension and guarantied preservation of cells in liquid nitrogen vapor for its characterization and prolonged storage till the moment of transferring to clinics.

Biological Safety Control Laboratory performs characterization of prepared cryopreserved cell suspensions and tissue extracts on the origin of screening 14 viruses and over (aerobic, anaerobic) pathogenic microbes and fungus according to requirement of Guidelines for Stem Cell Research and Therapy (Dept. Biotechnology, Govt. India and SC-ICMR) with implementing immune-enzymes methods and PCR analysis. Besides, laboratory characterizes cells by cluster determination (CD-markers), sex determination (Y-chromosome) and status of cells chromosome apparatus by the FISH-analysis method.


R&D Laboratory created for research-experimental purpose – to expound new kind of cell therapy, enhancement methods of isolation and expansion of stem cells.
Department of Clinical Study independently or combined with other Indian clinics capable to perform clinical trial of stem cells and progenitor cells transplantation.
Maharashtra Pollution Control Board approved to process industrial cell suspensions and tissue extracts (Waste Material disposal) as ecologically safety.


Ultramodern research-practical institution located on the area of 1793 м2 in entirely developed industrial zone of Mumbai, one hour of travel from central city zone where the company collaborators i.e. K.E.M hospital and Wadia Maternity hospital situated. Besides, the company EmProCell collaborates with Dr. D.Y. Patil Hospital & College and MGM Hospital & College.