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Company EmProCell Clinical Research Private limited has been constructed in April 2006, at Mumbai (Bombay), India approves according to rule Registration of Indian Companies act 1956 as a combined venture with companies M/s Citi Pharm k/s, Copenhagen, Denmark and the Lok-Beta Pharmaceuticals (I) Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai, India.

Our Vision

Company has been created for scientific elaboration and practical application of new biotechnological methods in human disease treatment, originated on applying fetal stem cells and tissues extract.
Company in its development reviews elaborating new biotechnological rejuvenating creams on the origin of placental extract, likewise embedding in clinic the anti-aging biotechnological complex.

Research-practical origin

- Inimitable for India, ultramodern laboratory complex responding to requirements of GMP-WHO
- Research-practical collaboration with scientists of various world countries
- Officially approved in Ukraine the biotechnology which legitimates reproducibility in India
- Patents on invention in the field of regenerative medicine and stem cells
- Major affirmative work experience in other countries (Ukraine, Russia)
- Support from Indian professionals and regulatory organizations
- Highest professionalism of research project leaders
- Qualified personnel teams efficient to control all stages of biotechnological fetal stem cells production

Clinical study

Main purpose of leading EmProCell Clinical Research Pvt. Ltd. clinical study encloses in production of biological safety progenitor cells and tissues extract with faster embedment of biotechnological treatment such diseases as arthritis, hepatitis and liver cirrhosis, glomerulonephritis, diabetes mellitus type I and II, oncological diseases, atherosclerosis and arterial hypertension, immunodeficiencies, sexually and reproductive dysfunctions, neurodegenerative diseases, poly trauma, burns and fractures in practical medicine. Important direction of clinical study appears combined application of progenitor cells and fetal tissues extract expounded by specialists of EmProCell Clinical Research Pvt. Ltd. in the program “Rejuvenation” with implementing cosmetic properties of placental extract and cord tissue.