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Our History

In the history of regenerative medicine, the world has not witnessed a more significant and global attention paid by society to a new scientific direction in medicine as what we can observe today towards the transplantation of fetal stem cells (FSC). After the legalization of voluntary abortions in most civilized nations a significant legal work was conducted regarding the regulations of the utilization of cadaveric fetal tissue after medical abortions. At the end of 80’s Recommendation 1046 (1986) and Recommendation 1100 (1989) of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe have formulated legally and ethically acceptable approach toward the using of human cadaveric fetal tissue, which have been accepted in most countries. This is a natural approach from a medical doctor’s position. Most research regarding the problem of transplantation of embryonic and fetal stem cells in the 1970s-90s respected this approach. With these Recommendations in view, more detailed regulations were developed, among which we would note the guidelines of the Network of European CNS Transplantation and Restoration (1993). The legislation for research and applications of human fetal tissues, including the therapeutic purposes, was developed in detail by the international community and was adopted by most nations, including the United States.