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EmProCell Fetal Stem Cells Technology

In 2013 the scientific literature reports that: “Fetal stem cells can be isolated not only from fetal blood and hemopoietic organs in early pregnancy, but from a variety of somatic organs as well as amniotic fluid and placenta throughout gestation. First-trimester fetal blood, liver, and bone marrow also contain a population of mesenchymal stem cells, which appear to be more primitive with greater multipotentiality than their adult counterparts. Fetal stem cells may thus represent an intermediate cell type in the current debate focusing on dichotomized adult versus embryonic stem cells, and thus prove advantageous as a source for downstream cell therapy applications. 

The discovery of the phenomenon of central immunological tolerance induction by central fetal progenitor cells was done by ​​EmProCell in 2002. And in 2006 it was a patented method of induction of immunological tolerance of the fetal progenitor cells, which is unique and is used to treat patients only in EmProCell!!!

In other words, EmProCell owns the world’s only treatment technology using fetal progenitor cells which guarantees their engraftment in the body of the patient.

The ratio of “BENEFIT / RISK / PRICE” is an integral index characterizing the effectiveness of cellular treatments, possible complications and total value of the proposed method of treatment is as follows : 

Indices gradation:

BENEFIT: from 1 to 100 conventional units

RISK: from 1 to 100 conventional units

PRICE: from 1 to 100 conventional units

Thus, the ideal ratio of BENEFIT / RISK / PRICE is 100 / 1/1 = 100.

Thus using fetal progenitor cells in regenerative medicine offers the practical advantages of avoidance of immune rejection, increased engraftment, and treatment before disease pathology sets in.