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Mar 26th, 2015

Platelet Rich Plasma of Cord Blood, Activated by Ultraviolet Irradiation and Monochromatic Laser Irradiation

Treatment efficacy in series of disease with the help of platelet rich autologous blood plasma (platelet rich plasma – PRP) proved in clinical trials and widely applied in many fields of medicine.

Mechanism of action in PRP treatment is based on production of activated (with the help of thrombin) platelet growth factor. Platelet derived growth factor capable of activating reparative regenerative process as it is the natural regulator of intensive healing of damaged tissue. However, connective (scar) tissue is formed with the influence of platelet derived growth factor in the place of damage, i.e., restoration of tissue function does not occur.

Cord blood contains huge amount of stem cells, activation of those gives rise to secretion of various growth factors and cytokines in plasma. These factors in contrast with platelet growth factors does not cause reparative but physiological regeneration of tissue i.e., restoration of their function. Cord blood stem cells growth factors interact on all tissues and organs of the human body that leads to not only healing effect but also rejuvenation effect.

EmProCell developed unique technology of saturated cord blood plasma by stem cell growth factors with the help of ultraviolet and laser irradiation of its formed elements.

Transfusion of such plasma sharply increases the intensity of physiological regeneration giving anti-aging effect and stimulates own stem cells of the patients, that promotes quick healing in acute disease conditions and leads to stable remission in chronic human diseases.