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EmProCell Product Information

General information, starting materials and raw materials Starting materials (anatomical material) – deceased human fetus, obtained as a result of MTP. Raw materials – liver of deceased human fetus. Description and characterization of drug substance Liver tissue of deceased human fetus, obtained as a result of medical termination of pregnancy in the gestation period from 6 to 20 weeks.

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Quality control of drug substance

Stability of drug substance Protocol of stability study, results and conclusions Dynamics changes of content percentage of viability of the fetal liver cells depending on the storing duration of anatomical material in the container at surrounding temperature 30±3о С represented in the graph.

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Drug product

Human progenitor stem cells derived from embryonic or fetal tissue, or provisional organs. Product “Cryopreserved hematopoietic progenitor cells of fetal liver” is a population of hematopoietic human cells cryopreserved at minus 196° С temperature, separated from abortion material (tissue of fetal liver). Cell suspension represents cryopreserved cells suspension in 0.9% of sterile sodium chloride solution.

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